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Low BMI Bariatric Surgery

Have you been trying to decrease your weight and reclaim your health with little success? Are you tired of fad diets, expensive treatments, and disappointing results? Do you want to achieve permanent weight loss and hunger control, even if your BMI is lower than that of traditional weight loss surgery candidates? If so, you could be eligible for low BMI bariatric surgery. This modern procedure is proudly offered by the medical experts at Miami VIP Surgery (Surgical Associates of South Florida, LLC) in South Miami, Florida.

What Is Low BMI Bariatric Surgery? 

Low BMI bariatric surgery is a revolutionary and safe solution for patients who fail to qualify for weight reduction surgery. Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective permanent solutions to weight concerns. However, the traditional body mass index (or BMI) cutoff of 35 can exclude patients with a lower BMI who could still benefit from this weight-reducing procedure. We have found great results with a lower BMI gastric sleeve.

Dr. Keshavarzi uses the sleeve gastrectomy technique to decrease the overall size of your stomach and set you on the path to successful weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, even if you have a lower BMI and don’t qualify through your insurance.

What Happens During Surgery? 

The sleeve gastrectomy is a popular bariatric surgery designed to reduce the stomach and help control hunger cravings in one simple procedure. During surgery, Dr. Keshavarzi removes the outer portion of the stomach. Once the procedure is complete, your stomach will be 70% smaller. In addition, it will lack the portion of the stomach responsible for producing hunger hormones.

How Will This Procedure Affect My Stomach?

Many patients want to know just how this procedure will impact the everyday function of their stomachs. The main change you will experience is in the size of your stomach. After the procedure, the gastric sleeve is approximately the size of a banana. It will still expand like a full-sized stomach, but it will hold less food and help you feel full sooner.

In addition, this surgery impacts the portion of the stomach that controls hormone release and hunger cravings. With this section safely removed, the majority of our patients report that they not only feel full after eating but that their hunger cravings are dramatically reduced. These combined procedure results help set you up for success as you lose weight without affecting the basic functions and health of your stomach and digestive processes.

How Much Weight Could I Lose? 

While every patient’s experience and results are different, our patients have experienced great success with weight loss after low BMI bariatric surgery. Once you have recovered from surgery, our team will assist you in starting your weight loss journey. Thanks to the smaller size of your stomach, you will notice that you eat less food and feel full much more quickly. In addition, your hunger cravings will be significantly suppressed.

When combined with a balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise, this surgery can assist you in losing up to 30-100% of excess pounds over the following 6-12 months. The average weight loss is 10-15 pounds and often more per month until your goal is achieved. This helps bring the majority of patients into a healthy weight category within a year of their procedure. Our staff can help you determine approximately how much weight you can expect to lose with your personalized treatment plan during an initial consultation.

How Could This Procedure Help Me Improve My Health? 

It’s estimated that almost 40% of Americans are over the weight that is considered healthy for their body type. Instead of providing a viable solution, the weight loss industry offers short-term treatments and sub-par results. Many of our patients are unsatisfied with their appearance due to their weight. We’re prepared to help you reach your ideal image, but we’re also committed to improving your health.

Excess weight can cause serious medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These conditions can prevent you from living your life to the fullest and may come with long-term side effects. Low BMI bariatric surgery can help you break free from unhealthy dieting cycles and may help prevent or even reverse the effects of excess weight-related health conditions.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate? 

Low BMI bariatric surgeries are generally safe and effective for adult men and women seeking to lose weight. On average, these candidates have a BMI 25-35 and are free from any life-threatening medical conditions that could interact negatively with surgery. Candidates must be committed to achieving weight loss through lifestyle changes, including the adoption of a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Some candidates with serious health conditions or those who take certain medications may not be ideal candidates for surgery but it is best to speak to our surgeon to evaluate each case. In addition, any candidates who have had bariatric surgery previously will not be considered. If you are unsure whether this procedure is right for you and your health, our staff can help you evaluate your situation during an initial consultation.

What Should I Expect? 


Your first appointment will allow you to meet one-on-one with our world-renowned bariatric fellowship trained surgeon, Dr. Reza Keshavarzi. This appointment will allow him to review your medical history, including any current medical conditions related to excess weight, and determine your candidacy for surgery.


We will provide you with specific instructions to prepare for your procedure. In general, you should maintain your current weight or lose a small amount of weight, depending on our surgeon’s recommendation.

You must stop smoking and using other tobacco products at least 1 month before surgery and should stop taking blood-thinning medications at least 2 weeks before surgery with the approval of your medical doctor. Finally, you should eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water each day to keep your body healthy.


On the day of your surgery, you should arrive at the hospital 2 hours prior to your surgery time. You will stay over one night and typically be discharged by noon the next day. Dr. Keshavarzi will see you prior to your surgery as well as before discharge. Our surgeon will give you his cell phone number to call/text if you have any issues related to your surgery.

Once you are ready, you will be given general anesthesia and remain asleep for the duration of the surgery. Our surgeon will use minimally invasive, laparoscopic techniques to reduce the size of your stomach, which typically takes just 1-2 hours in total. 


Most patients tell us it takes about 3 days to start to feel “back to normal.” However, we recommend to take about a week off from work. We recommend that you spend the first 4-6 weeks taking short, gentle walks to encourage blood flow. No heavy lifting (10-15 pounds or more) for 4-6 weeks while you heal. Your diet will be prescribed by our surgeon to promote healing and ease your stomach back into its normal digestion functions (see gastric sleeve diet page for full instructions). The more you pay attention to what Dr. Keshavarzi gives you as instructions, the better you will do overall and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, or caffeine during your 4-6 weeks of healing time. Do not take any medications/supplements without prior approval of Dr. Keshavarzi or your physician.


Once your stomach is healed (typically 4-6 weeks), you can begin observing your new weight loss diet and exercise routine. As you adjust to smaller portions and decreased hunger cravings, you should notice that your weight loss accelerates.

Dr. Keshavarzi and our staff will help you make progress in your weight loss journey and answer any questions you may have about this process. 

Contact Us for More Information! 

Even in our modern times, losing weight is often a frustrating process for many patients. With low BMI bariatric surgery, you can finally cross the finish line and start living life in a slimmer, healthier body in as little as 6-12 months.

Our team is prepared to walk beside you as you pursue permanent weight loss success. To learn more about this transformative weight loss surgery, contact Surgical Associates of South Florida, LLC in South Miami, FL, to schedule an initial consultation today! We look forward to serving you!

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