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Bariatric Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

Bariatric surgery has helped countless people over the last few decades, and this type of procedure could be exactly what you have been looking for to achieve your goals. You could notice amazing changes within weeks of your operation, and the results are only going to get better as time goes on. With a little bit of hard work and determination, your procedure could change your life forever. Here is a look at just a few of the most common questions that patients have about bariatric surgery.

What is the Initial Timeline Like for a Consultation?

The very first step in this process is scheduling an initial consultation with our team, and we can usually schedule that consultation within one or two weeks. During the consultation, our team is going to cover all of the pros and cons of this procedure. You will also be able to ask any questions that you might have. If we determine that you are a good candidate and you decide that this procedure is right for you, then you can schedule the procedure. For the average patient, we tend to schedule bariatric surgery two to four weeks out. That will give you ample time to physically and mentally prepare for your operation.

Are There Any Special Requirements for This Type of Operation?

While bariatric surgery can be incredibly effective, it is important to realize that it isn’t a great option for everyone. As a general rule, a patient’s BMI must be between 35 and 50, and their weight should be relatively stable. When a patient’s BMI is over 50, we usually suggest that they make some sweeping lifestyle changes in order to lose a little bit of weight. We can then schedule a follow-up appointment once they are in the correct weight range. Those who are within the ideal weight range will need to have some other tests carried out as well. Our team must be absolutely sure that you are healthy enough to undergo this procedure.

How Much Does This Surgery Cost and What is Included?

Each patient has slightly different costs depending on what type of insurance they have and which services are required. As a general rule, our expedited pre-operative clearance service is around $350, and your insurance might cover some or all of that expense. You can also have your primary doctor carry out that checkup if they offer those types of services. The sleeve procedure itself is around $14,000 for most patients, and that is going to include a wide variety of services. In addition to the operation itself, that money will also pay for pre-op visits, anesthesia, an overnight stay at the hospital, and regular checkups for at least one year.

Our team at Surgical Associates of South Florida understands just how difficult the weight loss process can be, and that is why we are devoted to offering our patients cutting-edge procedures. Please set up a time to stop by our practice in South Miami to learn more about the many benefits of bariatric surgery and get all of your questions answered. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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